Cortris is a consultancy specialized in fact-based, data-driven analysis of local to global pharmaceutical markets that enables evidence-based decision-making. We analyze scientific and regulatory data, which we qualify and hold against actual market outcomes to provide an overview of markets and market developments.

Our cross-functional analyst teams have each been designed to mirror capabilities normally found in separate business units such as Market Access, Medical, Regulatory, Commercial and IT ensuring multi-angle analysis and fast turnaround times.

Our cross-functional teams do bespoke projects that meet the exact needs of our customers at a given point in time; based solely on verifiable facts and always delivered in a simple way.

We get involved at all stages and across all therapies. Our work covers the entire pharmaceutical product life cycle.

Our corporate DNA is delivery of professional services to large, sophisticated customers. Whilst we strictly adhere to our evidence-based approach, we believe providing services is about being available at any time, listening well, discussing until we are sure we understand what is needed and – as one customer put it – we “never stop until [we] are sure that the project delivers value”.

We provide fixed budgets up front so that there are no surprises.

THE principals

Chairman, partner

Kasper Pasternak Jørgensen, PhD MSc (econ) has over the last 12+ years built a group of companies providing pre-eminent information and analysis to players supporting and developing the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The group provides cutting-edge IPR, competitive, and regulatory insights of the global pharmaceutical and bio-technological markets to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Legal Counsel

Morten Nissen. Attorney, LL.M., is a former Equity Partner of one of the world’s top life science and biotechnology law firms. Personally ranked by international legal directories as a leading practitioner, he won a “Commendation” in the Financial Times’ “2011 Innovative Lawyer Report” as one of only 23 lawyers worldwide, underlining his ability to achieve solutions in an innovative way.


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